About Us

Mission Statement

The mission of the Louttit Library in West Greenwich is to provide library materials and services that enrich, enlighten and inform primarily West Greenwich residents. It upholds the principles of intellectual freedom as stated in the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights and the public’s right to a free and open information society by providing all patrons with access and guidance to its information and collections regardless of age, sex, educational ability, economic status, religion or ethnic background.

The Louttit Library encourages all West Greenwich residents to use its resources, services, and facilities and to attend its events and programs. As a member of the Ocean State Libraries (OSL) consortium, Louttit’s holdings are available to anyone with a valid OSL library card in good standing.

Staff/Board of Trustees


Director:  Annette Feldman

Children’s Librarian: Stephanie Barta

Circulation Head:  Anna-Therese Kelly

Library Assistants:  Marietta Anderson, Sharon Smith, Rachel Velardo, Nancy Vetters

Board of Trustees

President: Ken Lonngren

Vice President: Sandra Stanzione

Treasurer: Robert Bollengier

Secretary: Sherri Arnold

Members at Large: Donni Champagne, Heidi Wright

The Louttit Library Board of Trustees meets the third Tuesday of the month at 6:30pm, ten months of the year.  No meetings are held during July and August.  Meetings take place in either the library proper or the Community Center. Please contact the library for further information or consult the Secretary of State Open Meetings Website: http://sos.ri.gov/openmeetings/

Brief History of the Library

The General Assembly acting on a petition of the residents in 1804 established the West Greenwich Library. However, no funds or building cite were appropriated at the time and no further action was taken. In 1951, the former William E. Louttit School was reopened by a group of residents and incorporated as the West Greenwich Library Association. The William E. Louttit School had been built by the Louttit family to replace the Sharpe Street School, which was destroyed by fire in 1936. It was the newest of the town’s four one-room schoolhouses, and the only one with electricity. When the Mildred E. Lineham School opened in 1951, it consolidated the town’s four one-room schoolhouses. A group of residents suggested using the emptyschoolhouse for a library. The library, stocked with donated books, was open two hours on Wednesday night and two hours on Saturday. The first librarian Marie Rathbun, earned a salary of $25 every six months.

The library was originally located ½ mile south of its present location on Victory Highway/Route 102, on the opposite side of the road. In 1978, the Louttit family paid to move the library to its present location. Doris Carpenter Louttit, William Easton Louttit Jr.’s widow, thought it would be more convenient for the residents if it were centrally located near Town Hall, the West Greenwich Community Church and the Veteran’s monument.

Next, the Champlin Foundation championed the library’s growth and expansion by funding three additions in 1988, 1992, and 1998; creating a children’s room, adult reading room and a central circulation area. The Elsie Palmgren Oltedale Center was then added to the library in 2011, also funded by the Champlin Foundation and with donations from West Greenwich residents.

Harpin, Mathias. In the Shadow of the Trees. West Warwick, RI:  Pawtuxet Valley Preservation and Historical Society, 2003. pp. 56-58.


Updated March 21, 2017

The Louttit Library serves its primary patron base, the people of West Greenwich, without regard for age, sex, religious or ethnic background, political affiliation, educational ability or economic status. The Library also extends full access to its materials and services at no charge to the people of the state of Rhode Island, through its membership in the Ocean State Libraries (OSL). Louttit Library offers Local Use Only cards to residents of other states and reserves the right to charge an annual fee. The Louttit Library’s resources are chosen for people of all ages and reading/learning abilities, and include books, newspapers and periodicals, audio books, DVD’s, Blu-rays, museum passes, digital books and online databases. The Library’s services include reader’s advisory, reference, homework and referral assistance, and interlibrary loan, either in-house, by telephone, or e-mail. Faxing, scanning and photocopying services are available during library open hours. The library supports public access computing including; word processing, spreadsheet applications, on-line database searching and general on-line applications within an open wireless network. The library webpage provides access to the OSL on-line catalog, selected on-line databases, a schedule of library program offerings, and numerous links to recommended resources. In addition, the Library offers events for general audiences and programming geared especially for children, young adults, adults and senior citizens. Louttit Library maintains three meeting rooms for use by the West Greenwich and/or nonprofit communities. Preference is given to West Greenwich residents in cases of library program registration and scheduling of meeting spaces.

A. Library Cards

  • Louttit Library is a member of the Ocean State Libraries (OSL) Consortium which allows all members the opportunity for free use of all RI public libraries.
  • To obtain a library card: photo identification, proof of residency and a completed application are required.
  • Patrons under age 14 must have their applications signed by a parent or legal guardian with library staff present.
  • Cards will not be issued to a third party, who is not present during the application process.
  • Library cards are available to all RI residents free of charge; however, lost library cards will incur a $1 replacement fee.
  • A library card is in good standing if it has less than $5.00 worth of overdue fines owed to any OSL Library, and no overdue or lost materials outstanding.
  • A Local Use Only Library Card is available for out-of-state residents; this card allows the patron use of Louttit Library’s collection but does not include interlibrary loan privileges.  Louttit library reserves the right to charge for Local Use Only Library Cards.
  • Library patrons should present their library card when checking out materials.
  • Cards expire every three years.  A valid form of identification must be presented to renew all library cards.

B. Access to Materials

All items in Louttit’s collection are freely available to all patrons equally.  It is not the place of library staff to monitor materials checked out on a child’s library card.  Parents are responsible not only for the choices their minor children make concerning the selection of materials and the use of library facilities and resources, but also for communicating with their children about those choices.  Parents that are concerned that their child may select an item with content they find inappropriate should accompany their child on library visits and supervise their selections.

The library reserves the right to:

    • limit the use of some materials to in-house only
    • request that some materials be returned directly to Louttit Library, either in the book drop or to the library itself during open hours
    • set limits on the number of items of one particular type that may be borrowed on a library card
    • borrowing privileges will be denied to any patron with greater than $5 worth of fines on their library card. This is an Ocean State Library’s Policy and applies to all RI public libraries.

C. Loan Periods and Fines

  1. Express Collection Materials

The Express Collection was created to insure that popular new DVDs and books would be available to the Louttit patron who likes to come in to the library to browse.  These items must be returned to Louttit Library or the Louttit Library drop-box exclusively.

  • Books circulate for 21 days or 3 weeks, the overdue fine is $.50 per day
  • DVDs circulate for 3 days, the overdue fine is $1.00 per day
  1. Books, Audio Books, Kits
      • These materials may be checked out for 21 days, the late fee is $.10 per day for each day the material is overdue
      • Books may be renewed once, provided there are no holds on the title
  1. Kindle
      • Louttit has one Kindle which circulates for 21 days, the late fee is $1 per day
      • It may be renewed once, provided there are no holds on this item
  • DVDs and Blu-Rays
    • DVDs with one disc (or more than one disc but all about the same title eg. One disc is the film, itself, and a second disc is special features about the film)
      • These materials may be checked out for 7 days or one week, the late fee is $1 per day
      • They may be renewed once, provided there are no holds on the title
    • DVDs with multiple discs (eg.  an entire season of a series)
      • Circulate for 21 days, the late fee is $1 per day
      • They may be renewed once, provided there are no holds on the title
  1. Magazines
    • These materials may be cheked out for 7 days, the late fee is $.10 per day
    • They may be renewed once, provided there are no holds on the title
  1. RI Collection

The library maintains a collection of select West Greenwich, South County and Rhode Island books, maps, genealogies, documents, ephemera and items of historical interest.  These items are for in library use only and do not circulate.  Please ask a staff member for assistance with this collection.

D. Overdue, Damaged or Lost Materials

  1. Overdue Items – All items are stamped with the date due at the time of check out, unless waived by the patron. Staff will gladly print a list of all checked out materials for patrons at their request. You can also check the status of all your items by accessing your account online.  You may call the library to request that your items be renewed.  Items with holds on them will not be renewed, nor will items that have exceeded the maximum renewal limit.When the library is open, it is recommended that items be brought into the library.  When returning items to the curbside book-drop after hours, please push them into the slot until you hear them drop into the bin. Items that are returned to the book-dropmay not be checked in until the next business day.
  1. Lost Items – All items appearing on a patron’s card are their responsibility until they are   checked back in to the library.  Patrons will be charged the replacement value of the item plus a processing fee for lost materials.  Arrangements may be made with the Director to replace a Louttit Library item with a like item.  However, paperback books will not be accepted for lost hardcover books, etc. speak to the Director before purchasing any replacement item.  Any lost item borrowed from another library must be paid for or negotiated directly with the owning library.
  2. Damaged Items – Any item returned to the library damaged is the responsibility of the patron.  Please return these items directly to library staff.  Arrangements may be made with the Director to replace a Louttit Library item with a like item.  However, paperback books will not be accepted for lost hardcover books, etc. speak to the Director before purchasing any replacement item.  Any lost item borrowed from another library must be paid for or negotiated directly with the owning library.

D. Inter-Library Loan

Items not available at Louttit Library may be requested from other libraries, provided the patron’s library card is in good standing. However, circulation policies, practices and fines vary from library to library.  It is the policy of the owning library that will prevail in matters of loss, damage or over-due fees from items borrowed from other libraries.  The staff of Louttit Library is not authorized to waive or adjust fines on materials received through Interlibrary Loan.

Updated March 21, 2017

The library shall provide and promote interlibrary loan services to all patrons holding a valid Ocean State Libraries (OSL) card, with the exception of patrons holding Local Use Only cards.  RI Public Library holdings may be requested free of charge via the OSL online catalog or through a library staff member. The availability and borrowing terms of these items are dependent on the owning library’s policies. Items not found in RI libraries may be requested from out-of-state libraries through the RI State Office of Library and Information Services. Interlibrary loans obtained from libraries outside the statewide delivery system may be subject to a fee to offset the cost of postage when returning an item to the owning library. This fee is payable when the interlibrary loan request is picked up by the patron. However, the Louttit Library reserves the right to refuse to borrow materials from another library for any patron owing more than five dollars ($5.00) in outstanding fines, or materials more than 2 weeks overdue. In such cases, interlibrary loan privileges will be at the discretion of the librarian on duty. All Louttit Library collection items cataloged as “holdable” are eligible for interlibrary loan.